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Junior Manual QA Engineer

At Ception we harness cutting edge computer vision and deep learning to save lives and bring the technological revolution to the industrial sector. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate as a team, problem-solve creatively, and always maintain a positive and friendly work atmosphere.

We're looking for a highly motivated, fast learner person, with attention to detail, to join our team in Jerusalem. Full-time position.


  • Provide feedback on product performance and user experience.

  • Execute test plans for server and embedded applications.

  • Perform analysis for defects found, including analysis of application logs.

  • Handling complex workflows under tight deadlines.


  • Self-fast-learner, curious, and responsible.

  • Problem-finding and solving skills.

  • Strong attention to detail and highly developed organizational skills.

  • Team player with great communication skills.


  • Experience in manual QA.

  • Military or other experience working with complex systems (e.g. simulations).

  • Experience in Linux and its various tools and commands for debugging.

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field.

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