We are looking for a talented and experienced computer vision expert to join our team in Jerusalem.


  • Experience with real world, vision based, deep learning algorithms

  • Knowledge in popular deep learning frameworks [TensorFlow/Pytorch/Keras/Caffe]

  • Hands-on experience in C/C++ and/or Python


  • Research-oriented education in machine learning (e.g. MSc/PhD) – or equivalent industry/military experience with a track record of real world applications incorporating machine learning

  • Knowledge in localization algorithms (SLAM, SFM, VO or other registration algorithms)

  • Experience in code optimization or high-performance computing

  • Familiarity with 3D sensors, imagery and LiDAR

  • Familiarity with GNSS (GPS), IMUs and probabilistic state estimation methods

  • Automotive industry experience

Computer Vision Expert

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We're looking for a computer vision developer to join our team. Entry-level position, full-time job in Jerusalem.


  • Team player with excellent people skills and team-work ability

  •  knowledge in Computer Vision (from courses/projects/work)

  • Open-minded, self-learning, highly motivated personality


  • Knowledge in Deep-Learning (from courses/projects/work)

  • Computer Science or equivalent degree

  • Experience in relevant fields

Computer Vision Developer

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