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heavy equipments in operation


A new standard
of operational safety, productivity, and sustainability

MineCept is an innovative AI solution for mobile heavy machinery. Using Ception Core’s cutting-edge sensing, computer vision, and deep learning technologies, we provide a solution that generates immediate value with a safer, more productive and more sustainable operation.


An OEM agnostic modular hardware kit that includes a compute unit, cameras, additional optional sensors and communication

Modular Kit

An OEM agnostic modular hardware kit that includes a compute unit, cameras, additional optional sensors and communication

MineCept Operator Interface

Real-time alerts and guidance for enhanced situational awareness, to improve operational safety and productivity. The system includes an in-cabin display device and voice alerts.

Multiple Screens

MineCept RT & Analytics Viewer

Advanced display for site managers, foremen, and maintenance teams. The system provides real-time fleet-related information, events, and site hazards together with insights and an analytics layer.

MineCept SDK

Layers of the SDK

MineCept SDK

Software Development Kit and APIs that enable easy integration of MineCept’s core capabilities and applications.

MineCept is an OEM agnostic hardware and software modular solution that enables using the same core technology and hardware setup. 

For OEMs and system integrators we also provide the software layer as an SDK.


MiningTruck Dumping

Reverse motion support and hazard avoidance system

Negative and positive obstacle detection, for safer rear maneuvers and more efficient unloading.

Road condition monitoring

Optimized hauling cycles for fuel, mechanical wear, and tire damage cost reduction, as well as increased road maintenance efficiency and a safer more sustainable operation.

MiningTruck obstacle scenario
SMART Loading

Precise loading solution

Loader-truck coordination and synchronization to reduce delays and prevent bottlenecks. Includes collision avoidance and improved blind-spot monitoring.

Integrated collision avoidance (CXS)

Fusion of camera recognition & classification with RADAR/Lidar technologies to provide a reliable and robust system. 

Truck Sensoring
Doze monitoring and volume analysis

Planning vs. Execution

Real-time performance monitoring and volume analysis based on mono camera 3D Mapping & localization (VPS). 

Ception's vehicle and a truck on a construction site

MineCept Highlights


Enhancing safety and efficiency today,   transitioning for an autonomous future


All-weather, non-GPS dependent localization


Concrete ROI


Powerful ML core, expandable to meet evolving needs and sensor capabilities

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