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A new standard
of operational safety, productivity, and sustainability 

MineCept is an innovative AI solution for mobile heavy machinery. Using Ception Core’s cutting-edge sensing, computer vision, and deep learning technologies, we provide a solution that generates immediate value with a safer, more productive and more sustainable operation. 

MineCept is an OEM agnostic hardware and software system that includes an in-vehicle computing and sensing kit, an operator assistance unit and a data analysis platform for site managers. 

MineCept saves up to 15% of haulage costs

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Precise loading solution

Loader-truck coordination and synchronization to reduce delays and prevent bottlenecks. Includes collision avoidance and improved blind spot monitoring.

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Integrated operator assistance and real time road condition monitoring

Optimized hauling cycles for fuel, mechanical wear, and tire damage cost reduction, as well as increased road maintenance efficiency and safer operation.

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Reverse motion support and hazard avoidance system

Negative and positive obstacle detection, for safer rear maneuvers and more efficient unloading. 


Haul trucks play a key role in mining operations


Truck haulage costs can account for up to 50% of the total operating costs incurred by a surface mine operation

1% ‣ $1M

A 1% increase in hauling efficiency translates into $1M of savings
per site each year


Trucks generate up to 20% of
High Potential Incidents in
mining operations


MineCept Highlights

Adding value today while preparing for the future
Immediate operational enhancement using advanced technology and digitization laying the foundation to implement future automated mining and construction solutions.

Precise localization-based system

A new level of positioning precision and availability, independent of faulty GPS/GNSS signals or infrastructure installation.

Cost-efficient solution

Achieving accuracy and reliability without the need for expensive hardware and sensors, enables wide integration in the mining fleet. No external data collection from drones or ground surveys.

V2X real-time data and insights

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) data exchange and connectivity with the data analysis platform allow for a better decision-making process.

MineCept is a modular solution that enables our customers to add more capabilities and applications using the same core technology and hardware setup. 

For OEMs and system integrators we also provide the software layer as an SDK.

  • MineCept Operator

    The Operator Assistance system sits on a modular hardware kit which includes a compute unit, sensors, communication and display devices. The system can be optionally expanded with MineCept apps.


    • Safe & efficient dump 

    • Shovel-Truck coordination

    • Collision avoidance

    • Level 2+ (semi-auto)

  • MineCept


    A collection of applications for a variety of use-cases. 


    • Operator behaviour monitoring
      (safety and efficiency)

    • Site Maintenance

      • Road Conditions

      • Safety berms

    • Process Optimization

    • FMS

    • Navigation

  • MineCept


    Software Development Kit and APIs that enable easy integration of MineCept’s capabilities and applications.  


    • Localization 

    • 3D Mapping

    • Apps

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