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Ception CORE hardware and applications

The Ception Core

Ception Core is an innovative, multi-layered system for precise localization and mapping. By harnessing advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms, Ception Core is providing a springboard for new capabilities in industrial and automotive applications such as advanced navigation, ADAS, planning & monitoring, AR, autonomous vehicles and more. 

Get the Point.

Ception is removing the boundaries of what is possible for a vehicle by providing it with an accurate representation of the real world, presenting a new way to increase the safety, improve the efficiency, and enhance the experience of advanced mobility.

The Solution

Any Data

Any Scenario

Any Sensor

Our universal geospatial language represents elements with pinpoint accuracy, cross-modality support, and cross-viewing angles. Thanks to this approach, we can use any type of pre-existing available data, match it with any type of vehicle sensors, and function in any type of scenario.

heavy equipment on construction site

Construction & Mining Solution

MineCept is an AI-powered system which increases safety, productivity, and sustainability of mobile machinery operations.

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Construction & Mining

Ports & Logistics



Security & first responders


heavy equipment in operation
About Us

We're Hiring

Tal Israel

Co-Founder & CEO

Tal Israel

Yossi Buda

Yossi Buda

Co-Founder & CTO

Amiad Solomon

Co-Founder & Board Member 

Amiad Solomon

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