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The Ception Solution

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By defining a universal geospatial language, we provide a new standard of accuracy, reliability, and scalability - dedicated to positioning.

Any Data

Any Scenario

Any Sensor


You can’t solve the 
challenges of tomorrow 
with the solutions of today.

GPS, the most common positioning technology available today, lacks both accuracy and reliability. Other existing solutions are unscalable, limited to urban environment and to specific technology, and require costly and extensive data collection.


Ception’s patent pending solution is an innovative, multi-layered system for precise localization, based on advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms.

Our Universal Geospatial Language represents elements with pinpoint accuracy, cross-modalities and cross-viewing angles. This allows us to create a unique matching process between pre-existing data from a wide range of sources, and real-time data from multiple vehicle sensors.

Scalable Automotive Localization



ADAS & Parking




Convoy / Platooning

Autonomous Vehicles 

Mapping & Localization for Industrial and Limited Areas

Logistics & Ports


Security & first responders





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